How To Get Your Lawn In Party Shape This Spring

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Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, thoughts are quickly turning to outdoor entertaining. After a long, cold winter, your lawn will need a bit of sprucing up to get it in great shape for your next event. The following tips will help you get your lawn looking great for the outdoor season:

Get Rid of Dead Leaves and Limbs

The first step is to go out and rake and remove dead leaves and limbs. This is the quickest way to a better-looking lawn. Removing all of this material will help encourage new growth, as it acts as a shelter during the winter months. It also just looks cleaner and more put together.

Have the Lawn Mowed

After a long winter, the lawn needs a good trim. The grass may not be very high since it tends to go dormant in the winter months, but a quick cut with the lawn mower will help encourage it to start growing green luscious blades. When you cut your grass, use the highest setting on your lawn mower. This will help ensure you have a more even, attractive cut. Grass that is a little taller will also help shade any potential weeds that may be lurking.

Fertilize Your Grass Regularly

The start of the spring season is a great time to begin regular fertilization on your grass. The fertilization gives the grass the necessary nutrients that are required for healthy and bountiful growth. It will also help ensure your lawn looks green and rich all season long.

Remove Nuisance Insects

The last thing you want your outdoor guests to deal with is insects all around. Insects like ants, mosquitoes, wasps and the like can be a nuisance during an outdoor party. Just before your guests arrive at your home, walk around and look for evidence of insects. Check for beds of ants and apply the appropriate insect killer. If you have any standing water in buckets or barrels, for instance, pour it out, as it is a haven for mosquitoes. While many insects are beneficial, it is not ideal to have them around other people at your party.

Your back yard is a wonderful place to gather during warmer weather, but it does require some initial sprucing up after a long winter season. If you are not able to perform this maintenance yourself, consult with a lawn care service like Heritage Lawn & Landscape LLC. They can come to your home and get your lawn in ideal party shape in no time.