3 Ways To Make Your Rental Home's Yard Dog Friendly For Tenants

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Opening your rental home to dogs is an excellent way to expand your tenant prospect list and even make a little more money on the place through an extra deposit and an increase in rent pricing. Here are a few things you can do to make your rental home's yard dog friendly and convenient for your next tenants:

Install a Long Dog Run

Even if your rental home's yard is fenced, it's a good idea to install a long dog run for your tenants to make use of when they want to spend time in the yard without their pooch taking over. Whether your tenants want to garden, have a barbecue, tend to foliage, or clean up after their dog, it would be nice to have a flat, open place to contain the dog during such activities.

You can install a dog run between two trees that are at least 20 feet apart, or use your fence to secure the run line along one end of the yard. You can also drive a stake into the ground in one corner of the yard and attach a long 20-foot lead to it.

Plant Dog Friendly Bushes and Trees

Not all bushes, trees, and shrubs are dog friendly for one reason or another, so you'll want to bring in an expert to inspect your current landscape and identify any foliage that needs to be removed for the safety of your tenants' dogs. Once that's done, you can plant a variety of things that dogs will enjoy chewing on, peeing on, and laying under such as:

Try to plant at least one shade tree and a couple of bushes or shrubs to ensure comfort for your tenant's dog all day long.

Get Rid of The Real Grass

It's also a good idea to get rid of any real grass that is growing in the area of the yard where you expect your tenant's dog to spend most of its time and replace it with artificial turf. This will minimize the chance that the dog will dig up your yard and create unsightly holes that need to be continuously filled.

The artificial grass will also make it easy for your tenants to clean up after their dog, because feces will be easy to spot and pick up, and the grass can be pressure washed clean when necessary. Artificial grass will make it easy for your tenants to maintain optimal curb appeal while living in your rental home, and will keep their dog comfortable and clean as they won't be laying in dirt or mud. Contact a company, like Integrated Paver Systems, for more help.