Spring Lawn Tasks To Perform To Make Your Yard Look Great In The Summer

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If you want to have a great-looking yard this summer, you may want to hire a company to help you complete some maintenance tasks this spring. Spring is a good time to begin working on your yard; however, many average people simply do not know what tasks to complete in the spring to help their yards look great in the summer. If you hire a company for help with spring maintenance, they may complete the following tasks.

Aerating your yard

Aerating a yard is something you should do annually if your yard doesn't look as good as you would like. The purpose of aerating a yard is giving the grass the ability to breathe. To aerate your yard, a landscape company will use a tool to poke holes into the ground. When this is done, it will allow your grass and yard to breathe, and this will help the grass thrive when summer comes.

Applying fertilizer to your yard

Applying fertilizer is something your yard needs once or twice each year. Fertilizer helps grass grow, as it is a type of food for grass. Additionally, a landscape company may suggest applying herbicides to your yard if it contains too many weeds. With these steps, you will have fewer weeds and thicker grass.

Fix any areas with mulch

Spring is also a good time to redo any areas of your yard that contain mulch. Mulch is a great ground covering, but it tends to wear away. To fix these areas, the company may rake the areas up and remove any leaves or debris. They will then apply new, fresh mulch to the areas, and this will leave them looking a lot better.

Prune and trim bushes

The landscape workers can also trim and prune any bushes and trees you have in your yard. Performing this step helps bushes and trees grow more evenly, and it also helps them look nicer.

Repair any hard surfaces

Finally, the workers may examine any hard surfaces you have in your yard, including concrete sidewalks and decks or wooden decks. The spring is a great time to repair cracks in concrete pads, and it is also a good time to stain or varnish wood decks. Staining a deck helps protect it from the elements, and it is something you should do at least every couple of years.

These are just some of the main tasks your yard needs in the spring. If you cannot do these things yourself, hire a landscape maintenance company to help you complete them. By taking the time to do these things, your yard will have a better chance of looking great when summer comes. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.natures-design.biz