Have Retaining Walls In Your Yard? Hire Landscapers To Fill In The Empty Space

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Retaining walls on their own may contribute to the attractiveness of your yard. But, the landscape may still be lacking when you do not have many plants growing in the area. If you are not experienced with growing plants in your yard, you may not be sure how to get started. This is when you want to rely on landscaping professionals to make positive changes to your backyard.

Although you can have landscapers focus on new growth, you should not hesitate to have them replace some of the existing plants that do not mesh well with the retaining walls.

Partial Sun

An important detail to consider is that the retaining walls will create different growing conditions. For instance, the area beneath the retaining walls will not get as much sunlight. This means that you will need to grow plants that thrive in partial sun compared to those that need full sunlight.

Water Puddling

At the bottom of your retaining walls, you will have space that could puddle up with water. So, you should prioritize plants that can handle flooding to avoid issues after a storm. You can make it easier for the plants on the ground level to survive by growing water absorbing plants. You can add these to the upper layers of the retaining walls to soak up water before it hits the ground.

Full Sun

On the top of your retaining walls, you may have areas that are exposed to full sun, which means you want to plan the growth of plants that will thrive with this growing condition. One situation in which this may not be the case is when you have trees providing shade to the retaining walls. This is something that landscapers will take into consideration when strategizing a growth plan.


If you were to grow any plant next to the retaining wall, you could have issues with the roots. You will find it beneficial to avoid a situation in which plant roots reach the walls. Over time and with strong roots, parts of a retaining wall could become dislodged. Also, you will find it more challenging to maintain your yard when you have roots weaving through the walls.

Although you may love that you have retaining walls in your backyard, they may not be that special without plant growth surrounding them. When you hire a landscaping company, you can feel confident that they will grow the right plants that complement this feature in your yard. Visit a site like http://www.tmlandscapedesign.com for more help.