Are You Totally Landscaping Your Large Acreage?

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Do you live in the country where you have the joy of being right in the middle of nature? Perhaps you actually live in the suburbs on a large lot. Either way, if you are thinking of totally landscaping your large acreage, from clearing the land to creating a design, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something attractive.

Clearing Your Land - Are you planning to clear your acreage yourself? If so, it might be a great idea to get your kids or grandkids to help with the first step. They will probably feel very important if you ask them to clear the land of trash and other debris. After that step has been completed, consider renting a tractor to do the major clearing. Of course, if you live in the country, you might already have a tractor, or you might have been thinking about getting one.

If clearing your land seems like too big a job for you to do yourself, consider getting professionals to do the work for you. Most land clearing services will have individuals who have the experience and the training to do a thorough job. In addition, they'll have the right equipment to leave your land ready for the next step, landscaping.

Planning The Landscape - Since you have the luxury of having a lot of land, you will probably truly enjoy designing what you will do with it. Think about how the land will be used. For example, will you want a play place for your children or grandchildren? If so, think about having concrete as the base of part of the land. By doing so, you'll have a place for kids to do things like ride their tricycles or skate. In fact, you may even want to include a basketball court.

As you plan the landscaping, think about where you want things like flower beds and a vegetable garden. In fact, as the land is cleared, you might want that area of your land to be set apart from the garden area. Work closely with the land clearing service people so that they'll have a clear understanding of the design you want. If you want the land to be cleared only to a certain point on your acreage and to leave the rest of the area as natural, let the clearing service know of your plan ahead of time.