How A Lawn Care Service Helps You With Autumn Leaf Control

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If your home sits on a large lot with big shade trees, you'll have many seasons of beautiful sights as the trees change colors. However, you may not appreciate having to clean up all the leaves when they fall during the autumn months. A lawn scattered with leaves isn't attractive and it can be unhealthy for the grass. Here's why leaves can be dangerous and why hiring lawn care services may be the ideal way to deal with them.

Why Leaves Can Harm Your Lawn

You'd think leaves would be healthy for your lawn since they decompose and fertilize the soil. This is true if the leaves are chopped into small enough pieces that they don't smother the grass. If leaves are allowed to decompose as they fall from the trees, they can form a thick wet mat that suffocates the grass and promotes the growth of fungus and other lawn diseases. Pests enjoy these damp conditions and they may infest your lawn too. The leaves also block out sunlight and that can kill the grass. When next spring arrives, you may find your lawn has bare spots, sick grass, and an infestation of pests.

How A Lawn Service Keeps Leaves Under Control

One way to keep leaves from taking over your yard is to mow the grass regularly through autumn and mulch the leaves as you mow. Hiring a lawn service is a sure way your lawn is mowed on time every time so leaves can't build up a thick layer on the grass. By regularly mulching the leaves, they are kept torn to small shreds that fall between the blades of grass and fertilize the soil. In this way, the leaves could possibly make your lawn healthier next spring.

Another way a lawn service can help keep your yard free from leaves is to use a lawn vacuum. There are various types of leaf vacuums, but the best for a large property are the ones that attach to a riding mower so large swaths of ground can be covered at once. A lawn vacuum sucks up the leaves and collects them in a bin or bag so they can be disposed of elsewhere. Vacuums large enough to ride on are expensive, so hiring a lawn service is an economical way to deal with leaf removal. While you can buy a leaf vacuum the size of a backpack leaf blower, it isn't nearly as effective and it takes a long time to clear a large lot with one. By combining mulching with vacuuming and hand raking, your lawn can remain beautiful right up to the end of the season. You can enjoy the colorful leaves while they are on the trees rather than when they're smothering your lawn.