Ideas For Installing A Fence That Will Keep Your Cat In The Yard

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If you have a cat that loves to spend time outdoors, you probably worry about your kitty staying safe. You may consider installing a fence, but wonder if your cat will jump right over it. While cats are quite agile, it may be possible to have a fence installed that keeps your pet in your yard safe and sound. Here are some ideas for installing a fence that helps keep your cat safe.

The Fence Material

The type of fencing material you choose could matter when you're wanting to contain a cat. If your cat is a good jumper, then it will be more difficult to find a standard fence that works than if your cat is somewhat clumsy or has short legs. One thing to consider is the availability of footholds. A chain link fence is easy for cats to scale because they can stick their feet in the openings and climb right up.

Vinyl fences pose more difficulty unless your cat can jump to the top. Wood fences are usually easy for cats to get over, especially when they have claws. However, the positioning of the fence can help. If the rails are on the inside, they can act as footholds that help your cat jump to the top of the fence. When rails are on the opposite side, it is more difficult for clumsy cats to jump the fence.

The Fence Design

Fences with a flat top are appealing to cats because they can jump up on them and lounge around. Cats like to be in elevated positions, so a flat-top fence can actually lure cats to jump up on them. Picket fences are less appealing, but they won't stop a determined cat from climbing over the top. While you could have spike toppers put on your fence, those could hurt your cat and defeat the purpose of installing a fence to keep your cat from harm. Fence height is important, but if your cat can get footholds such as with a chain link or wire fence, then height is no issue. Plus, you're probably restricted by local codes in how tall your fence can be.

Cat Fence Toppers

It may sound like it's hopeless to keep your cat in your yard, but there is a solution. You can have various toppers put on your fence that keeps cats from climbing over the top. Some are roll bars that cause your cat to fall back to the ground when your cat tries to grab the bar to climb over the fence. These are installed along the top of the fence all around the perimeter of your yard. They are not visible to your neighbors and they aren't unattractive additions to your yard. Your cat may not stop trying to get over the fence, but attempts will be unsuccessful if contact is made with the roll bar.

Another option for a cat fence is a topper that slants inward. When your cat climbs to the top of the fence, it's impossible to finish climbing over since the topper angles backward. These toppers are suitable for various fences, but combining them with a wood or vinyl fence that doesn't have footholds could be the best combination for keeping your cat in your yard. Contact a company, like Quality Lawn & Landscape, for more help.