Small Yard, Big Design

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Landscaping can go a long way toward improving your home's curb appeal. You might not think that you can experiment with your residential landscaping design if you have a small yard. Small outdoor spaces can pose a unique challenge, but there are some creative things you can do to give your home's landscape an overhaul regardless of size.

1. Take advantage of vertical space.

Although your square footage might be limited when dealing with a small yard, you can easily increase your usable space by taking advantage of the vertical space in your yard. Install tiered planters that will allow you to incorporate more foliage into your landscape design without eating up valuable lawn space.

You can also consider building a vertical garden to help you preserve space without sacrificing style.

2. Think about ways to give elements multiple purposes.

One of the easiest ways to improve on your home's landscape design if you have a small yard is to incorporate multi-purpose items into your design. Adding hanging planters to your fence allows you to add color and interest without using additional room.

Creating a bar for your backyard that is made out of cinder blocks allows you to place flowers in the blocks' openings to turn your furnishings into a planter. You can also stack crates to create a dividing wall to help you section off areas of your yard. Getting creative and finding ways to give items in your landscape multiple uses will help you maximize the available space in a small yard.

3. Tie together your outdoor living space.

If your yard is too small to accommodate a built-in deck, you can create the illusion of deck space by using deck tiles instead. Deck tiles mimic the look of deck flooring while providing you with the opportunity to create a small outdoor living space. The tiles can be moved to accommodate the unique space restrictions in your small yard.

Another simple way to tie together your outdoor living space is to place a faux grass rug on your patio. This option is great for yards that are too small to accommodate a lawn, as the rug will give the look and feel of real grass without the maintenance.

Creating a desirable landscape doesn't require you to have access to vast amounts of space. Making use of vertical space, giving items multiple jobs, and creating a cohesive outdoor living space will help you create an attractive and cozy yard.