3 Benefits Of Forestry Mulching

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Forestry mulching refers to a specific type of land clearing technique that will remove trees and other large pieces of plant growth from your property by mulching them right on the spot, and applying that mulch to the area where the plant was previously growing. This distinctive method of land clearing holds a number of advantages for your landscaping design. Understanding what these advantages are can help you decide if forestry mulching is the right fit for your landscaping project.

Low Disruption

One of the major advantages of forestry mulching over other types of land clearing and tree removal techniques is the fact that only a single machine is needed to complete the process. Plants and trees are simply mulched on location by a single grinder or mulcher, reducing the disruption that the rest of your yard experiences while work is being done. This also means that you can selectively clear certain parts of your property, choosing individual plants to remove one at a time instead of having to clear wide swaths of land all at once.

Erosion Protection

A massive advantage associated with forestry mulching over other types of land clearing techniques is the fact that turning trees and other plant growth into mulch that is applied to the same soil that they were removed from significantly helps cut down on the risk of erosion. The mulch that is applied will cover up any exposed soil that is no longer held in place by living root networks, keeping that soil in place and helping prevent runoff and to maintain the slope of hills and other raised areas.

Healthy Soil

Finally, another key advantage of forestry mulching over a simple tree or plant removal is the fact that applying mulch to your yard acts as a slowly breaking down compost. This means that the nutrients stored in the wood of your trees and plants will slowly deposit itself back in the soil over time as the mulch breaks down, improving overall soil quality. This is compounded by the fact that, as previously mentioned, mulch will cover up the exposed soil and will hold onto water. This means that nutrients and water will be concentrated on the surface of the newly exposed soil, which can provide the perfect conditions for future plant growth. This means that forestry mulching is the ideal method of land clearing if you want to plant and develop an entirely new set of trees and plant growth on your property.

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