4 Things That You Need To Consider When Getting Estimates For Tree Removal

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When trees on your property become a problem, they are often going to need removal. It can be difficult to budget the work of tree removal when you must deal with various issues, such as removal of multiple trees or the disposal of materials. You may also want to have services like stump removal done. Here are some tips to help with getting estimates for tree removal when trees have become a hazard on your property:

The Height and Cutting of Tree Canopies

The size of the trees that need to be removed make a big difference in the cost of removal. In general, smaller trees with low canopies will cost less to be removed. Trees that require topping, but require fewer cuts, such as pine trees, will cost less. Massive hardwood trees like old white oaks may have a lot more work in removing the canopy and topping the tree, which means they will cost the most to have completely removed from your property. Sometimes, if you cannot afford to have all the work done at one time, you can have the tree topped to reduce risks to your home and have the tree service come back to do the rest of the removal when you can afford it.

How Many Trees Are A Problem on Your Property

Another thing that you want to consider when getting tree removal estimates is how many trees are a hazard to your home. If you have a wooded lot that is full of pine trees, you want to make sure that none of these trees are too close to your home. There may also be problems with trees that have infestations, such as ash trees that have severe beetle damage from emerald ash borers and need to be completely removed.

Wood Chipping and Firewood Services to Deal with Waste

When getting an estimate on tree removal services, you want to consider the waste you have to deal with. If you do not want to pay for waste removal, you will be left with the materials to deal with on your own. It is much easier to have the tree service cut the materials into firewood or turn them into mulch with a wood chipper. Cutting the wood into firewood will be the most affordable. The cost of wood chipping will depend on the size and amount of materials but will usually be charged by the hour.

Stump Grinding to Be Able to Replant and Renovate Landscaping

Another service that you may need to have done with a tree removal is grinding of stumps. If you are planning on replanting landscaping, it is a good idea to have stump grinding done. Stump grinding will usually be charged by the hour and how long the job takes will depend on the size and type of stumps being ground. Usually, softwoods like pine are done really quickly, while hardwoods have more extensive roots systems and harder wood that will require more machine hours to completely grind stumps.

These are some of the different things that you will need to consider when getting estimates for dealing with your tree problems. If you have trees that have become a hazard to your property, contact a tree removal service, like Arborcare Tree Service, to help deal with these problems.