Three Lawn And Garden Chores You Should Do In Spring

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Now that spring finally here in many parts of the country and not far away from others, it's time for homeowners to start tackling seasonal lawn and garden chores. If you're like most people, you enjoy getting outdoors and breathing some fresh air after a spending the majority of your time indoors, and naturally, you want your outdoor living space to look as good as possible to increase your enjoyment of it over the warm season. Following are three things you should be doing now to ensure a healthy and attractive landscape throughout the season. 

Plant New Trees and Shrubs

Early spring is the best time for planting any new trees and shrubs that you want to include in your lawn and garden area. Trees and shrubs available from home and garden retailers this year are in bare-root form, which means they haven't yet broken dormancy, which makes it less likely that they'll experience damage as a result of transplanting. Be sure to check that the tree or shrub of your choosing hasn't broken dormancy -- the presence of leaves and buds means that the plant is no longer dormant.

Rake Your Lawn

If you're like most homeowners, you raked your lawn free of fallen leaves and other vegetative debris in the fall. However, winter conditions are conducive to the development of thatch, which is a condition that occurs as the result of a rapid buildup of organic debris in your lawn. A good raking breaks thatch up and removes any stray organic material that may have built up over the winter. Raking also provides you with the opportunity to get a close look at all parts of your lawn so that you can identify potential problems before they become obvious. For instance, you'll be able to catch lawn mushrooms and other fungal pests before they become well-established in your lawn if you give the entire thing a thorough raking. 

Hydroseed Your Lawn

Hydroseeding from a company like Hydrograss Technologies can be done during spring, summer, or fall, and each season has its specific advantages. The reason to do it during spring is to repair lawns that have been damaged by winter weather conditions and have patchy spots as a result. Because lawn grass needs warmth in order to germinate, you may not notice any change in your lawn if you hydroseed during early spring. However, once the soil warms up, the grass will begin to grow.