No Room For A Pool? Alternative Water Features For Small Yards

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You might have always wanted to have a pool in your backyard for summer relaxation and entertaining. Pools provide great exercise, but traditional designs require a lot of backyard space and you might not have that room. If you still want a water feature that provides fun in the summer time, here are some alternative to consider.

1. Splash Pad

If you have kids, why not install your own splash pad in your yard? With a stamped concrete pad, you can add some fountains and play equipment with a recycling drain to provide endless summer fun for your kids without needing to breakout the hose or the sprinkler. You can add plastic play equipment and even some slides and fountains to add some fun to the splash pad. Not only is it great for kids, but you don't have the same liability and safety issues that you would with a full-size pool. 

2. Swim Spa

If you want a pool for exercise, you might consider getting a pool "treadmill." These pools are only about twice as long as your body, but they run the water in a current so you can swim in place. You can swim as long as you want without needing a pool that is a 25 or 50 feet long. These can be heated to any temperature and you can slow or increase the flow of water to control the intensity of your workout. 

3. Hot Tub

If relaxation and entertaining are your main goals for your water feature, skip the pool and get a hot tub instead. You can install the hot tub as a permanent fixture, or bring in a mobile spa. Either way, the water can relax your joints, and you can enjoy the hot tub as part of a family barbecue or a late night gathering with friends. The tub can be winterized more easily than a pool, and you can even add privacy by building a screened spa house around the hot tub. The roof over the spa will allow you to use it over more seasons. 

4. Diving Pool

For those who enjoy the refreshing plunge into cool water, you might consider forgoing a traditional pool with a shallow and deep end and just go straight for the deep. You can install a small pool that goes deep for diving, which is great if you want to cool off and enjoy the space with just two or three friends. 

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