Three Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

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Do you dream of having a yard that your kids will adore, but you are also concerned about the maintenance and appearance of your landscaping? Fortunately, there are landscape tricks you can implement that are both kid-friendly and easy to maintain, while also keeping your yard looking good. Consider some of the following ideas for a more kid-friendly yard.

Idea #1: Chalkboard fencing

Most yards need some sort of fence, whether it is a tall 6-foot privacy fence or a low decorative fence that is just a minor barrier between your kids and the rest of the world. Fencing needs periodic painting or staining to stay in good condition, so why not make the fence's finish pull double duty? By using chalkboard paint to finish your fencing, you provide your children with the perfect outdoor surface to practice their creative talents. Exterior chalkboard paints come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose any hue to satisfy your aesthetic desires. When your children need a fresh coloring surface -- or you simply want a clean fence again -- you can wash away the old chalk with nothing more than a few minutes and a garden hose.

Idea #2: Raceway garden paths

Every attractive landscape benefits from a path or two around the yard. Instead of boring straight sidewalks that simply lead from point A to point B, consider installing a circular path around the yard to connect every area together. Opt for a nice black asphalt or dyed concrete for a striking look that mimics a raceway. You can even jazz it up with white or yellow center lines so it resembles a road more completely. This circular path provides a safe place for your kids to ride their bikes or scooters. Once the kids outgrow the raceway, you can remove the striping and still have a lovely garden path.

Idea #3: Fun with turf

Kids can be hard on grass, especially in areas where they play a lot. Artificial turf has come a long way, with modern versions mimicking grass so well it is hard to tell the difference. A great place to install artificial turf is underneath playsets where natural grass tends to wear thin. You can also place it in other playing areas, such as in areas of the yard where you set up tether balls or volleyball nets. Some families even replace the entire yard with artificial turf, which means no more mowing or worrying about outdoor games damaging the grass. For more information about installing synthetic turf in your yard, contact companies like Proturf Landscape Solutions.