Want To Add Backyard Features? Hire Professionals To Clear Out The Landscape

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After moving into a home with a busy backyard, you may want to remove some of the plants and trees to make room for certain features. However, this is not an easy process to get started with because you may have a large enough backyard that you can put features almost anywhere.

An ideal situation is to look at all the important details you want in your yard, and then hire a landscaping company to make plans and help you clear out the space.


While you may be thinking a lot about the features that you intend to add, such as a pool, hot tub, gazebo, covered patio, or garden, you should consider the paths you will want to make. It may be an option to walk through dirt, grass, or rocks to get to the features in your yard, but you will benefit from adding paved pathways to most of these features so you can get around easily.

If you want to add a gazebo to one of the back corners of the yard, you should think about the paving that will be needed to create a path that leads all the way to the gazebo. This will help you determine what to remove from the yard and whether to adjust the gazebo's location.


When you think about the obstacles throughout the landscape, you cannot forget about tree roots hiding underneath the ground where you cannot see. A thorough landscape inspection is so important for gathering this information to help you come up with realistic addition plans.

If you want to get rid of the biggest obstacles, you may want to remove a tree or two with the most widespread root systems. When these are your favorite trees, you may be willing to work around them by adding features in other areas to keep the trees from becoming a problem.


In addition to roots being a potential issue for the features that you want to add in the backyard, you should also look at the tree branches the same way. While branches can snap on occasion -- especially on a tree with weak branches on a windy day -- you may want to prevent this from potentially causing injury to anyone in your family. This means that you should either remove these trees when you want to add features nearby or work around them to avoid complications.

Working with a landscaping company will help you add backyard features with confidence.