A Look At Cutting Down A Dead Tree On Your Property So It Doesn't Pose A Hazard

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It's always sad to lose a tree in your yard to a disease, storm, or insect damage. However, dead trees should be cut down so they don't fall on your property and cause damage. Plus, if the tree is sick or infested, the condition could spread to other trees unless you remove the tree. Cutting down a dead tree can be more dangerous than cutting down a healthy one because you don't know what limbs are deteriorated and weak. Hiring professionals to do the job is the best way to remove the tree safely. Here's a look at some of the steps they may take.

Cut Away Lower Limbs

Removing lower limbs gets them out of the way so the trunk can be removed. Unless your tree is in an open area where it can be felled in one piece, the tree company will need to take it apart carefully so pieces don't fall on your house or car. When the lower, smaller limbs are cut off, they may be fed through a chipper so the work area stays tidy.

Remove The Upper Part Of The Tree

Cutting down a dead tree takes careful planning. The work may be done from a bucket truck so the tree cutter doesn't have to climb up the tree. Upper limbs may be removed and lowered slowly to the ground and sent through the chipper. After that happens, the bulk of the tree is cut down, starting at the top and cutting it off in chunks. These pieces are lowered safely to the ground and stacked to be hauled off later. Tree trunks are usually too big to run through a chipper.

Deal With The Stump

The last part of cutting down a tree is removing the stump. If you want to save money, you can leave the stump and let it decay. However, you probably want it gone from your yard, especially if the tree had a disease. The stump can be ground away with a stump grinding machine so all evidence of the tree is removed and you can cover the area with sod, or you can add soil and flowers to the place to commemorate your lost tree.

A tree cutting service can remove dead trees from your yard, but it's also a good idea to have diseased branches removed at the first sign of sickness so the tree can be saved if possible. Sometimes, trees die of old age and there's nothing you can do to save it, but you might be able to save the mulch from the chipper so that your tree can continue to contribute to your yard even after it's cut down.

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