Design a Landscape That Appeals to All Five Senses

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A sensory landscape design encourages the use of all five senses when one is in the garden or yard. This can make time spent outdoors feel more enjoyable and fulfilling because you will be thoroughly immersed in the beauty of the landscape. The following can help you understand a few common tactics for designing a landscape that appeals to the senses.


Scent is one of the easiest senses to incorporate into the garden. Choose fragrant plants, like honeysuckle, lavender, and jasmine to provides layers of scent throughout the yard. Opt for several varieties with different blooming schedules. For example, to ensure that fragrance permeates the garden even after the sun sets, plant night blooming jasmine near your favorite evening relaxation spot.


The simplest way to incorporate pleasant and relaxing sounds into the landscape is with a water feature. The sound of running or trickling water aids relaxation. You can install a large fountain, an ornate pond with waterfall, or even a patio-sized water feature in a pot. You can further add layers of pleasant sound by adding in features like bird feeders and birdbaths to attract a few feathered friends, and their songs, to the landscape.


Layers are the key to creating a visually appealing garden space. Choose plants of varying heights, including a few taller trees, several smaller shrubs and sub-shrubs, and plenty of flowers of varying heights and colors. This creates a tapestry effect that draws the eye both inward and upward in the garden. Further, make sure that there are a variety of plants with varying bloom colors and flowering seasons so that the landscape never looks barren. Adding in a few hardscaping features, such as garden arches and ornaments, further adds texture and makes the landscape more pleasant to look at.


Touch is often overlooked in the garden, but consider adding a few plants that encourage one to reach out and feel the texture. Feathery ferns lining a path, for example, can feel pleasant against the legs as one makes their way to a hidden bench. A water feature one can splash their hands in on a hot summer day provides a pleasant sensation that young and old alike can enjoy. Further, opt for patio furniture that is both pleasing to look at and feels nice to use.


For taste, look no further than a few edible plants tucked into the landscape. A bed of strawberries makes pleasant groundcover and provides a tasty treat, for example. Opt for a few fruit trees instead of only growing ornamentals. You can even add a vegetable garden to add a sense of taste to the landscape.

Contact a landscape design contractor to learn more about designing to appeal to all five senses.