Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques Are Important For The Beauty And Health Of Your Lawn

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A healthy lawn is something to be proud of, but it's often difficult to achieve. It takes a combination of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, watering, and proper lawn mowing techniques to have a beautiful lawn. You might not give much thought to lawn mowing, but the way you mow your grass has an effect on the health and beauty of your lawn. Here are a few tips that might help.

Use Sharp Blades

One important benefit of using a lawn mowing service is that they take care of their equipment so they get the best results. A lawn mowing service might sharpen their blades daily.

Sharp blades make precise cuts and cut across the top of the grass without leaving the edges ragged and susceptible to diseases. If you're mowing your grass yourself, start each session with sharp blades and a clean and properly functioning mower.

Learn Edging Techniques

You might not be able to duplicate the appearance of professional edging simply because a lawn mowing service uses high-end commercial weed trimmers. However, you can learn how to edge and trim your lawn properly with the equipment you have by holding your trimmer at different angles.

A lawn that's edged around the sides of the grass has a well-groomed appearance, so you don't want to skip edging and trimming every time you mow.

Mow On Schedule

Find out what type of grass you have and then figure out the ideal cutting height for it. Learn about the rate of growth too. The more you know about the grass, the better you can care for it. Grass shouldn't be cut too short, and too much shouldn't be removed at one time. If you mow on schedule and set your mower to the proper height, you can keep your grass in the ideal height range all season.

It's also good to mow during the right time of day. Fortunately, this may coincide with your local noise ordinances, so it's the time you'd be mowing anyway. Mid-morning through the afternoon is a good time to mow. It might be cooler for you to mow later in the evening, but that could stress your grass.

If it's difficult for you to mow your grass on schedule, hire a lawn mowing service to cut your grass on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you aren't able to mow your grass on an established schedule, you may find mowing every week makes a difference in the health and beauty of your lawn.

Regular mowing can even keep weeds at bay. By keeping your lawn lush, the healthy grass crowds out weeds. Healthy grass can reduce problems with both weeds and bare spots in your lawn.