Practical And Pretty: Tips For Adding A Great Garden To Your Landscape Design

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One of the most beautiful elements in landscape design is a garden. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a flower and vegetable garden adds aesthetic value to your landscape while providing practical benefits. Following a few tips when designing your garden will help you create a garden that makes your landscape stand out from the rest.

Design a great walkway

Be aware of narrow pathways when designing your garden. The main pathway through your garden should be wide enough to accommodate two people walking side by side. This is especially important to prevent the path from looking too restricted if you plan to use a lot of tall plants and foliage to flank the edges of your walkway. 

Be sure the walkway provides secure footing and is not slippery. Pavers that are set too loosely can shift and lead to accidents. Be sure to build a slight slope into your walkway to keep water from pooling on the surface.

Use more than one level

Adding an additional level to your garden is the perfect way to add a little height and dimension to the design. An extra level means you will need to add steps to the design. Be certain that your steps are easy to ascend and descend and have a generous landing space.

Plan for the future

Plan a larger garden than you think you will need. This gives you plenty of space for upgrades in the future if you wish to add plants and other design elements. Look for short-lived plants, such as Delphinium and Verbena, to use as filler plants in empty spaces until you find new plants to use in the future.

Have your soil tested

In order to find out which vegetables and flowers will grow best in your garden, it is vital to have your soil tested. This can save you a lot of wasted time and money. Making sure your soil has the right nutrients before you plant will help you have the healthiest plants possible.

Plant in a variety of shapes and sizes

Increase the eye appeal of your garden by planting flowers and foliage of varying shapes and sizes. This will help your garden look less chaotic and unfocused. For large spaces, repeat groupings of plants to give the overall garden space a cohesive look.

The great thing about adding a garden to your landscape is the fact that it is both practical and pretty. You will have an abundance of flowers and vegetables to enjoy and share with others. You will also have a landscape design that is charming, eye-catching, and matches any home style.

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