5 Benefits Of A Custom Swimming Pool

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When it comes to choosing an in-ground swimming pool, consider going with a custom option. This way you end up with a pool that you and your family are sure to enjoy.

1. Fit to the Space

One concern with standard pool designs is that they may not be the best fit for your available space. You may end up encroaching on entertaining areas if the pool is too large, or end up stuck with an overly small pool if you err on the other side of the size decision. A custom designed pool can be any size or shape you want. This means you can choose a shape that allows you to maximize the pool size without compromising the other space needs you have in your yard. 

2. Get Exactly What You Want

There's no need to make concessions when designing a custom pool. Unlike standard designs, which are made to appeal to the broadest range of buyers possible, a custom designed pool only has to meet one person's needs, yours. You can have steps exactly where you want them, for example, or you can opt for depth variations that aren't often available with the standard designs. 

3. Choose the Best Decking

A custom pool is more than just the swimming basin design, it also about customizing the decking options. You can opt for plain textured concrete, or opt for tile inset or aggregate surface finishes. You may even decide to go with a wood or a wood look-alike vinyl decking if that is more your style. The decking can also integrate with the pool design. For example, the pool basin can feature accent tiles that match the tile used in the decking.

4. Add Unique Features

Do you want to add some unique touches to your pool? Custom features like integrated fountains, water slides, or attached hot tub areas are all a possibility when you go with a custom pool. You can even install a permanent water bar area for the adults or put in a water splash pad for the kids if you like. The type of custom features is only limited by your imagination and budget.

5. Suit to Your Needs

A custom pool lets you create a pool that specifically meets your needs. If the pool's main use is exercise, then a single depth lap pool is ideal. On the other hand, if it's for summer parties, then you can design a pool with various depths or even in a shape that allows multiple types of uses at once. 

Contact a custom pool builder to learn more.