5 Areas Of The Yard To Use Landscape Stones

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Chances are you have at least one area of your landscaping that can benefit from stone mulch. Stone mulch comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it is relatively simple to find the perfect type for your landscaping. 

1.  Drainage Improvement

Areas with poor drainage can benefit from stone mulch. Stone is much more porous than organic mulches, which encourages water to drain through. Look for larger stones with sharp edges, as these provide optimum porosity. You can use the stone to mulch a rain garden or a dry creek bed in areas where additional drainage is needed. Sometimes the mulch is combined with an underground perforated drain pipe if additional drainage help is needed.

2. Erosion Control

Erosion is another major issue due to drainage. When water flows down even a minor slope, it can erode it. Erosion from wind can also affect flat areas of the landscaping. Stone mulch is too heavy to wash or blow away, so using it to cover up bare areas in the yard will both improve the appearance of your landscaping and prevent unnecessary erosion.

3. Plant Suppression

If weedy growth is an issue in an area where you prefer there to be no plants, then look no further than stone mulch. Begin by stripping the area of all weeds and installing a landscape barrier fabric. Next, put down a few inches of landscape stones. Few things can penetrate through the combination of fabric and stone, so there will be a lot less weed invasion into unwanted areas of the yard.

4. Pest Reduction 

Pests can invade some mulched areas. Rodents sometimes burrow into wood mulch, for example, to nest and seek out food. Insect pests may also find safe harbor in a heavily mulched area. In areas with high termite risks, there can be some concern about using wood mulch near the home. Stone mulch is a lot less welcoming to pests, mammal and insect alike. Swap out the wood for stone in any area where pests are a concern.

5. Low Maintenance Zones

Sometimes you just don't have time to maintain every part of your landscaping. Instead of leaving an area bare or letting the weeds take it, cover it in stone mulch. The only maintenance needed is to blow or rake the fallen leaves from the mulch every fall —  a job that only takes a few minutes for a small mulched bed. 

Contact a landscape stone delivery service for more help.