Tips For Choosing The Best Landscape Edging

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Landscape edging is a perfect way to enhance your landscape design. Edging provides a finished look to the landscape and also has practical use. That said, to help you choose the best landscape edging for your outdoor area, you need to understand what edging is and the available materials to use.

Reasons To Use Edging 

Landscape edging keeps soil or mulch in the flower beds. Rain can cause the shifting of materials, and edging acts as a barrier to keep these intact in the designated area. Edging also keeps turfgrass from invading nearby garden areas. In addition, it acts as a fence to keep flower beds free of invaders from the yard.

Types of Edging To Consider

Edging comes in various types, so understanding the choices can help you find the right one for your project. You can choose by affordability, ease of use, or aesthetics.

Most Affordable — Plastic edging is the most affordable for anyone on a budget. When installed correctly, it offers a nice look without being a big expense.

Easiest To Install — No-dig edging is the simplest to install, especially for beginners. You don't need a mortar. All you have to do is pound the stakes into the edging area.

Most Aesthetically Pleasing — Decorative edging looks best; however, beauty depends on how you use the edging and your creative flair. Stones, wood, metal, and other decorative edging add beauty to your landscape.

Deciding If Edging Is Necessary

Edging, while helpful, is not always necessary. You can keep lawn grass out of flower beds by cutting a thin trough about an inch deep around the area.

Making a trough does work, but it'll require more maintenance than using edging. Weekly maintenance is required to ensure the grass roots around the flower beds do not creep past the trough.

Edging is helpful and saves you time when it comes to lawn and garden bed work. However, it is not a must. Before you decide on edging, take some time to research the various options to achieve a good look for your landscape. Also, take into consideration the time and effort it takes to install the edging.

If you have trouble deciding or don't feel comfortable installing edging yourself, a local landscaping service can help you with the task. Professional landscapers help with choosing and installing the edging that works best for your yard. Professionals can also suggest ideas to help you stay within a budget.