Lawn Maintenance: What To Do About Your Ailing Grass

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If your grass looks yellow, dry, and overall unhealthy, even after you water it, change the way you cut your lawn. Some lawns can dry out or die if you cut them too much or too short. Changing the way you maintain your lawn now can help protect it from problems in the future. Learn more about your ailing lawn and what you should do about it below.

Why Won't Your Lawn Stay Healthy?

You may take great pride in your property and the things on it, including your lawn. You may fertilize, water, and weed your lawn regularly to maintain it properly. However, fertilizer, water, and weeding aren't the only things grass needs to grow well or thrive. Grass also needs special care when you mow it.

If you tend to mow your lawn very close to the ground, stop. Mowing your grass too close to the ground can damage the blades or make it difficult for the blades to stay healthy during the year, including the cold season. Grass needs strong blades to ward off weeds. If you scalp your grass, or cut it too short, the blades will turn brown or wilt. 

The lawn care problems above are just some of the things that could harm your grass during the year. If you want to care for your lawn properly or bring it back to life, hire a lawn maintenance service for help.

What Should You Do About Your Lawn?

When a lawn maintenance service visits your home, they'll assess the condition of your lawn. If your lawn is severely damaged by scalping or something else, a lawn maintenance service may do one of the following things:

A landscaper may also create a special lawn care program for you. The program may include mowing your lawn on specific days or at specific times to encourage healing in the soil and blades. For example, you may only need to mow your grass every two weeks to keep it healthy.

A landscaper will also devise a mowing plan for your grass based on the factors below:

By taking the steps above, you help protect your grass in the future.

For more information, contact a lawn maintenance service in your area.