Determining When A Tree On Your Property Needs To Come Down And How To Cut It Safely

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Trees can be a critical part of your landscape, and in many cases, they provide some stability to the soil in the area through the root system. Taking down a tree is a big decision to make, and if you are not sure a tree needs to come down or not, working with an arborist from a tree service is an excellent place to start. 

Evaluating Your Trees

Before you decide to cut any trees on your property, it is a good idea to have an arborist look at each tree to determine their health. Often, some warning signs may indicate a problem with the tree, and you may ultimately need to have a tree removal service take the tree down. But if it is healthy, pruning it may be enough to promote new growth and restore the tree to full health.

Trees that look dead may not be, but typically if the summer canopy is less the fifty percent full, the tree has a problem and will likely not recover. Look for dead branches, missing foliage in large areas, and potential fungus or molds forming in the bark for signs that the tree may need removal, and consult with the arborist about what you are seeing.  

Tree Removal

If a tree needs to come down in your yard, it can be challenging to fall the tree so it does not hit anything around it. Utility wires, buildings, and other trees can be damaged if the tree comes down wrong, and dealing with the damage could be extremely expensive, but hiring a tree removal service can help avoid those problems and save you some money in the long run. 

If you are already working with an arborist, they may recommend a tree removal service they have used in the past, or they may work for a tree service directly. In either case, the tree service will come and look at the tree and the situation to determine the best way to take the tree down without damaging anything. 

In small yards, that may involve a crane to lift the sections as they are cut, but if there is room, the tree service may elect to climb the tree and cut and drop them straight to the ground beside the tree. Cutting the tree from the top down is the most manageable way to deal with it and offers the most control. 

If the tree service can get a truck close to the tree, they may use a bucket truck to reach the treetop, but if they can't, they may have a climber go up the tree and gut the sections as they move back down the tree. The process does not typically take long, and the service will chip up the branches for you. If you want to keep the wood for firewood or to use in a project, let the tree service know.

For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.