A Landscape Design Professional Helps You Create A Yard That's Beautiful And Easy To Maintain

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The curb appeal of your property depends on how well you maintain your home and how your landscaping is designed and maintained. You may not be good at designing a landscape, and you may even have difficulty keeping plants alive.

Getting help from a landscape design professional is important when you want a beautiful yard but you're not sure how to go about creating one. Here are some things a landscape design company can help with.

Maximizing Space In Your Yard

You may think your yard is so tiny that it doesn't need anything but grass. However, a yard that's designed properly can look larger, and be much more attractive than a tiny yard that looks bare. A designer has the skills to match plants so plants of different heights and colors can be grown next to each other to create beautiful screens, focal points, or backdrops in your yard.

Placing Hardscaping And Water Features

A landscape design often includes more than plants and flowers. Your designer might also want to add a water feature, such as a waterfall, fountain, koi pond, or dry creek. In addition, you might want walkways or a fire pit added.

The designer can create a welcoming space in your backyard around a fire pit or patio so you can utilize the space for entertaining and relaxing while enjoying the beauty of a privacy wall of flowers or tall plants.

Choosing Plants With Low Maintenance

One of the most difficult parts of choosing plants for your yard is picking plants that are hardy and need little care. You probably want plants that thrive even if neglected. Plus, you need plants that have the same light and watering requirements if you plant them next to each other. In addition, you have to consider how plants of different colors and heights will look while growing next to each other.

A landscape design professional has experience with outdoor plants for your region and can choose plants that make your yard eye-catching and that won't need much care. You might need to install an irrigation system so the plants get water automatically, but you shouldn't have to spend your weekends nurturing your yard if your designer chooses the right plants for the level of care you're willing to provide.

Before you get too far along with planning your landscaping, and before you buy plants, meet with a landscape design professional—such as  C  & J Landscaping—and let them know the ideas you have for your yard so they can help you create a beautiful yard that adds value to your property and that makes you feel proud every time you come back home and see your yard.