Practical Advantages Of Adding Hardscaping Accents To Your Residential Landscape Design

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When you think about hardscaping accents you may focus on their main benefits such as adding height, dimension, texture, and interest to your landscape design. However, hardscaping elements provide other benefits you may not think about. Whether you want to save water, reduce maintenance tasks, or enhance the privacy and safety on your property, hardscaping accents can help.

Water conservation

A landscape design that is constructed mainly of vegetation will require consistent watering or irrigation to sustain the life of the trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. This can amount to a large amount of water usage if you do not live in a location that receives a lot of natural rainwater. Installing hardscaping in place of vegetation can help you conserve water.

For instance, install a large brick or natural stone patio to replace a grassy area. Adding a pergola, deck, or outdoor kitchen are other ways to use hardscaping to minimize the square footage of grassy areas. Paved or stone walkways can be made wider to reduce the amount of vegetation that requires watering.

Reduce maintenance time

If you want a beautiful landscape design but do not want to spend every weekend maintaining your lawn, adding hardscaping accents is a good idea. The less vegetation your landscape contains, the less work it will take to keep your yard looking great. Most hardscaping accents only require cleaning a few times a year to keep them looking great, which gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor space rather than working hard to maintain it.

Add privacy and safety to your yard

Hardscaping accents add privacy to a yard and make it easy to create a secluded space for you to relax. A beautifully designed stone wall will look nice, not be offensive to your neighbors, and provide you with the privacy you desire. A gazebo can also be useful for creating a private sitting area along the back of a yard or near a pond.

Fences and gates are other forms of accent hardscaping that can improve the aesthetic value of a property while providing practical value. Fences can keep children and pets safe. A fence may also make it less easy for an intruder to gain access to your home and property.

A great landscape design should contain the right balance of hardscaping accents and vegetation. Your landscape design should also look amazing and work well for your unique lifestyle. Hardscaping accents not only look great, but they can also help you by conserving water and reducing the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your outdoor space.

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