What Kinds Of Trees Need Professional Care?

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Tree care is a common problem for owners of all types of properties. While trees often seem low-maintenance, there are specific scenarios where they might require professional help. Similarly, some types require extra attention.

Let's look at four situations where you might want to ask for professional tree care services.

Aging and Large

A tree that's old and large can pose a threat to both people and property. If you're going to keep it alive, tree care is essential. This means getting rid of dead limbs and making sure the tree's weight is properly balanced through pruning. As it becomes too difficult to maintain, a tree care professional can help you plan what to do in terms of cutting it down or removing it entirely, too.


Many types of ornamental trees require professional care. Keeping up a tree's appearance is challenging enough in general, but a tree that's a focal point of a landscape can be even tougher. You may want to keep the tree a particular shape, for example. That calls for at least annual tree care to keep everything tight.

Also, ornamental trees need to look impressive. While you might be happy to let a typical tree get whatever nutrients it can from the ground, you'll probably be more motivated with an ornamental one to fertilize the area.


This is an issue that notably goes both ways. A tree in a very arid spot may need extra irrigation to keep it alive. On the flip side, a tree in a swampy spot may require drainage or amended soil to survive.

Bear in mind there can be microclimates on a property. Even if your overall location is an ideal version of a specific zone, there may be places that get too little or too much sun or rain. Trees in these spots often require specialized care to thrive.


You may want to try to save a tree that's showing signs of disease. This is most common with rare species and older trees that are somewhat famous. Dealing with tree diseases is a challenge even under the best of circumstances. If you misidentify the tree, for example, you might end up misunderstanding its relative hardiness. That could lead to a very different approach to tree care than if you knew exactly what you're dealing with.

As with older trees, a professional can also help you decide if you should fell a diseased tree. This is sometimes necessary to prevent the disease from spreading to others.

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