How To Prepare Your Property For A Synthetic Turf Installation

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A lawn is very difficult to maintain. You must make sure to cut the grass regularly, fertilize it, and make sure that it's adequately watered. If you decide that synthetic turf is a better option for your property, it's helpful to know how your property will need to be prepared before the artificial grass is installed.

Segregating the Area

The area that will have the artificial grass installed needs to be marked off and separated from the rest of your home. The artificial grass is placed over the topsoil. However, any grass and weeds need to be removed before the synthetic turf is installed. You will then need to pull up or cap sprinkler heads. Any other objects, such as rocks, also need to be removed so that you have a flat and smooth surface onto which to install the synthetic turf.

Sometimes artificial grass must be installed over a hard surface. If this is the case, it must be in good condition and must be waterproof. A drain should be installed so that water does not become trapped underneath the synthetic turf and create other problems such as mold formation.

Avoiding Potential Hazards

It's important to make sure that there are no underground hazards before the artificial grass is installed. This includes any cables and water lines. The artificial grass installation service will work with the local utility company to find out if there are any potentially dangerous underground utilities you will have to worry about.

Creating a Stable Surface

The installation technician will likely need to lay down a special board to make sure that the surface is more stable. To put the board in place, the technician will need to first dig a trench. They will then hammer in stakes to hold the board in place.

Preventing Weeds

To prevent weeds from sprouting, and damaging the artificial grass, you will need to lay down a weed-resistant fabric. In addition to weeds, certain grasses are hardy enough that they might grow back after you remove them and try to penetrate the artificial lawn.

It's possible to also install artificial grass yourself, but you will need to make sure to do so properly. You will also need to purchase all of the tools that are necessary to install the artificial grass. A professional synthetic turf installation specialist can use methods that are much more efficient and will have your new lawn looking great.

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