3 Residential Landscaping Tips That Make A Difference

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While your landscaping may not be at the top of your mind, it impacts your home's value and curb appeal. An unkept landscape will detract from your home and may even be a security risk. Zero landscape lighting and plenty of overgrown areas to hide in may make you a target for crime. There are many reasons to pay attention to your home's landscaping, and seeking professional residential landscaping services is a good idea. Here are three landscaping tips that can make a big difference.

Consider Future Maintenance

While you will want to select landscaping that complements your property, avoid being swayed by beautiful shrubs, flowers, and trees before looking into what maintenance they need. Before adding to or changing your home's landscaping, consider whether you are up to maintaining it. Some landscaping features require more work than others. Residential landscaping services will help you choose landscaping elements that you can take care of on your own or will make suggestions for hiring others to maintain your landscape. 

Follow The 10 Percent Rule

If you are struggling to determine how much to spend on home landscaping services, there is a helpful rule of thumb you can follow. Many experts recommend budgeting around 10 percent of your home's value for landscaping. While that may seem like a lot, landscaping services add up. How much you spend on home landscaping depends on your property's size, whether you incorporate custom or unique features, and whether you choose exotic or pricey plants. You may end up spending more or less than 10 percent of your home's value, but it is a great guideline if you need help figuring out where to start.

Plan For Every Season

Another thing that will make a difference is considering how your landscape will look throughout the year. If you want to see green year-round, you'll want to incorporate evergreen shrubs into your landscape. Also, consider what blooms and at what time of year. No matter what season you are in, there are ways to incorporate color and life into your landscape. Residential landscaping professionals are excellent at ensuring that your home's landscaping will look great all year long. 

These residential landscaping tips can make a difference. First, maintenance needs to be considered when choosing landscaping elements. Second, if you're not sure how much you want to spend on home landscaping services, the 10 percent rule comes in handy. Finally, plan for every season when coming up with a landscaping design. 

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