5 Unique Features to Add to Your New Swimming Pool

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Constructing a swimming pool is a thrilling endeavor that not only elevates the visual allure of your backyard but also bestows a rejuvenating place to unwind and find solace. However, a standard pool with clear blue water and concrete walls can be monotonous. Why not add some unique features that will make your pool truly stand out? Here are some unique swimming pool features you can add to your pool and add an extra "wow" factor to your backyard oasis.

Swim-Up Bar

If you love hosting outdoor gatherings, consider the fantastic addition of a swim-up bar to your pool. It's an excellent idea that will surely elevate the experience for your guests. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about your guests dripping wet on your patio to grab a drink. They can simply swim up to the bar, grab a seat on the built-in stools, and enjoy their drinks while enjoying the cool waters.


A waterfall feature provides not only a stunning visual but also assists in recirculating pool water back to the swimming pool. As the water cascades from above, it creates a soothing sound that provides a calming ambiance. Additionally, waterfalls can be paired with lighting to create an enchanting atmosphere at night.

Tanning Ledge 

Want to soak up some sun while surrounded by the cool water? A tanning ledge or sun shelf is a perfect feature for you. A tanning ledge is a shallow section of the pool, usually outfitted with pool chairs or chaise lounges where you can relax while enjoying the water.

Infinity Edge 

Want to take advantage of a beautiful view? An infinity edge or vanishing edge is a perfect solution. This feature creates an optical illusion that the pool has no boundary and seems to extend out into the surrounding landscape. This feature is well-suited for pools built in higher-elevation locations, such as on top of a hill.

Underwater Sound 

Looking for a unique way to enjoy music while swimming? Underwater sound allows you to stream your favorite tunes directly into your pool, creating a fun and immersive experience. This advancement in technology involves installing speakers beneath the surface of your pool that emit soundwaves that flow through the water.

Each feature serves a different function depending on your needs, preferences, and budget. Whether you want to entertain guests or create a relaxing oasis, adding one of these features to your pool can transform your swimming experience and make it more enjoyable. So go ahead, choose your favorite feature, and add it to your outdoor living space today.

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