Dealing With Drought Conditions? How To Protect Your Trees

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If you're living with drought restrictions, pay attention to your trees. Most people focus on their lawns and flowering plants during drought conditions. But, trees can also suffer during a drought. That's why you should give your trees some extra time and attention during the drought, especially during the summer months. If you're not sure how to protect your trees during a drought, read the list below. Here are four ways to help your trees survive and thrive during a drought. 

Choose the Right Time to Water

If you want to protect your trees from drought, start by choosing the right time to water them. You might not realize it, but watering schedules can have a big impact on trees during a drought. If you're watering your trees during the hottest part of the day, it's time for a change. When you water your trees during the day, the moisture can evaporate before it gets down to the roots. The best time to water your trees during a drought is early in the morning. That way, moisture can soak down to the roots. And, the soil will stay wet longer. 

Watch Trees for Drought Strain

If you've been dealing with drought for a couple of years, it's time to watch your trees for signs of drought strain. Most trees can survive one season under drought conditions. If drought conditions go on for too long, trees can start showing signs of strain. Some signs to watch for include curled or yellowing leaves or scorched edges between leaf veins. If your trees show signs of drought strain, hold off on adding fertilizer. Fertilizing your trees when they're suffering from drought strain can damage the roots.  Instead, call a tree specialist to provide extra care. 

Keep Moisture at the Roots

If you're under drought restrictions, you need to safeguard the moisture your trees do get. That means locking in the moisture at the roots. One way to do that is to add a thick layer of mulch or bark around the base of your trees. Mulch and bark protect against evaporation. That way, more of the water stays locked in the soil. This allows the root system to absorb more water for your trees.  

Hire a Tree Service

If you haven't hired a tree service yet, now's the time to do that. Drought conditions create special problems for your trees. A tree service can keep your trees healthy until water restrictions get lifted. They can also treat your trees for any drought-related health problems they experience.

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